Dominic Whittle

Dom is a digital designer with 15 years industry experience designing apps, websites, digital products, and digital branding projects for clients located from Sydney to Switzerland. Recent work includes helping an e-commerce site grow from zero to millions in monthly sales, and a web application grow from just thousands to over 10 million users.

While Dom has a background in print, identity, and package design, his specialisation is digital, embracing the unique challenges of the digital medium. As a designer who also writes frontend code, Dom is uniquely qualified to lead projects that have technical implementation requirements.

Currently a mentor for the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) in digital design, UI, and UX.

James Rakich

James is a web developer with 10 years experience in front end and back end web development. He has built complex web applications for startups, high traffic e-commerce sites for distilleries, data driven visualisations for presenting carbon emissions, and ice observation software for the Australian Antarctic Division — all with their own unique challenges and constraints.

He backs up technical capability with project management skills. Working with direct access to stakeholders, he considers business goals, user needs, budget and timeline to build a project plan that is resilient to the complicated process of going from concept to release.

James is a developer who understands and regularly implements design systems. He is very experienced in using wireframes, mockups and work in progress to communicate with designers and stakeholders — ensuring accuracy to the provided specification, and also the intent of the design team.

Weekends had an absolutely massive impact on the team, the product, and millions of users.