Award winning digital innovation for an Australia distillery

Archie Rose Distilling Co. is Australia’s most awarded distillery. We developed Archie Rose’s website and digital platform, including the award winning tailored spirits innovation.

For eight years and counting this website has been an engine of business, serving product sales, distillery tours, events, and experiences, and tailored spirits. It’s optimised for high volume sales events (thousands of orders in minutes), and performs a range of processes to support Archie Rose fulfilment, venue management, and business operations.

As Archie Rose’s product and experience offering and marketing strategies have grown over the years we’ve continued to build out their platform, providing a cost effective system that underpins their entire online sales machine. The website has handled millions in revenue and hundreds of thousands of orders and tour/experience guests.

The tailored spirits innovation won Archie Rose Australia’s Most Innovative Hospitality Company in the Financial Review BOSS Awards 2019. This innovation allows customers to mix a wide range of botanical flavours to create unique and personalised gin and vodka blends, complete with customisable bottle labels. Each is handmade to order by Archie Rose distillers then shipped to their door.

If you have a bit more patience (four and a half years) you can create a 100L cask of whisky, selecting base grain and malt, cask type, cask size, smoke level, and bottling strength.

There’s a lot more behind the scenes. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Ecommerce with user-customisable products
  • Region support for Australia and New Zealand
  • Support for high volume sales events (serving thousands of orders in minutes)
  • Integrations with accounting software, warehousing, inventory management, and bar reservation system
  • Tours, event, and experience booking and management, including RSVP manifests emailed daily to tour managers
  • Customer portal for self-service experience booking management
  • Wholesale portal
  • Unified shopping cart and checkout for product, tailored product, reservations, event bookings, and gift vouchers
  • Distilling team support for custom tailored spirits distillation workflows and bottle label printing
  • Spirit data lookup with batch by batch tasting and production notes
  • Comprehensive journal with recipes integrated throughout site
  • Development, maintenance + ongoing feature design by Weekends
  • Brand and initial design by Squad Ink
  • Photography + video by Buffet